Educational hub providing resources and training on wellbeing, resilience and intentional practice.


LBI’s vision is collective thriving.

LBI’s method is to bring people, agencies and institutions together through knowledge and resources that focus on ‘how to’ activate safe and higher impact learning, wellbeing and whole-of-life outcomes  through methods underpinned by high awareness and a growth-intent.

Awareness   –   Growth Intent   –   Impact   –   Thrive  


LBI is transitioning into a not-for-profit educational hub that teaches intentional practice or the ‘what-what-how’ as a scientific approach for individuals, agencies and institutions to bring a growth-focused intent and high levels of ongoing awareness to the support and interventions provided to the community.

LBI is dedicated to building the capacity (or ‘how to’ knowledge and skills) of individuals, agencies and institutions to:

  • Activate learning, wellbeing and whole-of-life outcomes in themselves and the people they support.
  • Bring high and ongoing mindful awareness to their supporting roles, including:
      • Their intent.
      • Client needs and experiences.
      • Growth outcomes they are seeking to achieve.
      • How they can safely achieve those outcomes (with consideration to context).
  • Articulate and implement growth-focused intentional methods.

How is LBI Different from Other Organisations?

A number of educational organisations offer prescriptive content, activities or learning methods to support collective thriving. LBI does not offer a prescriptive or content driven approach. LBI offers a flexible method to support the design, review and implementation of programs, interventions and support that respond to individual needs, situation and context. LBI works to strengthen, not replace, existing services.

LBI does this by offering five key services: (1) training, (2) community education, (3) resources, (4) research and (5) accreditation.

This includes the flagship IMPACT Program. IMPACT stands for Intentional Model and Practice Approach for Clients to Thrive. This three-tier program builds core skills in resilience, wellbeing, intentional practice and coaching or supporting others.