The Life Buoyancy Institute and its foundational models have been inspired and shaped through the collective wisdom of many people, and through a number of working collaborations.

The conceptual organisation of the Life Buoyancy Model, and intentional/scientific underpinnings, were developed and refined through a PhD Program with Flinders University, under the supervision of Professor Larry Owens, Associate Professor David Curtis and Dr Neil Welch. The modelling has been philosophically inspired by the writings of Jonathon Freeman.

Specific thanks goes to Connected Self, and the practice and program collaborations with Sean Lappin, Tim Brenton and Tracey Jane from 2007 to 2016. Connected Self provided a supportive environment to test, refine and explore the implementation of a number of ideas and concepts that are central to the Life Buoyancy Model, including the growth-focused Intentional Practice approach.

Ongoing testing and exploration of the model and intentional practice approach has occurred through program development collaborations with SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre,, Inspired Psychology and Connected Self.

There are many others along life’s journey who have directly or indirectly inspired or shaped the ideas underpinning the modelling and development of the Life Buoyancy Institute. All contributions are personally noted and valued.