Complex Programming

Intentional practice and growth-focused logic modelling can be applied as a method to ‘disentangle complexity’ and support the design and implementation of ‘complex programs’ that integrates science and context. In other words, it provides a cohesive and unifying methodology that is designed to integrate local wisdom (pre-existing agency or site knowledge) with best-practice evidence.

“Complex programs” are programs or interventions, often delivered across agencies or systems, that have one or more of the following features:

  1. Have multiple components (e.g., multiple intervention points targeting educational, wellbeing, therapeutic, trauma-informed outcomes).
  2. Delivered across multiple layers (individual, workgroup/ classroom and organisation/school).
  3. Delivered across multiple agency sites.
  4. Include cohorts with heterogeneous or complex needs (e.g., trauma, disability etc).
  5. Are whole-of-school or whole-of-agency approaches.


Video Case Examples

Case Example 1: Alternative Learning Centres for Students Disengaged from Mainstream Pathways

This is a case example of the cohesive integration and strengthening of service delivery across multiple alternative learning centres (or schools) in South Australia. These centres deliver targeted wellbeing, trauma-informed and learning services to students who present with complex needs, and are disengaged from mainstream settings. The associated “ACE Model” was formulated through a co-design process – integrating local wisdom and best-practice evidence. The video is best viewed through Firefox or Chrome.



Case Example 2: Resilient IMPACT: Growing the Wellbeing, Learning and Whole-of-Life Outcomes For Students Who Need an Extra Helping Hand

This is a case example of the Resilient IMPACT program developed by LBI Foundation. Resilient IMPACT grows the capacity of young people, who need an extra helping hand, to achieve their best, be resilient and make an impact in their life. The program is designed to be implemented across complex real-world educational settings.