Focus Well (Core Wellbeing Skills)

Focus Well is the introductory IMPACT course that provides children, young people and adults the core skills to:

  • Grow their capacity for resilience and wellbeing (or “focus on their wellbeing”).
  • Bring attention to life experiences (events, stressors) in a manner that will enhance the possibility of positive future wellbeing, resilience and behavioural outcomes.

Content is mapped to a competency framework that is categorised to core knowledge (or awareness) and skill acquisition:


  • Understanding the complex, stimulation overloaded and changing world
  • Understanding the concepts of wellbeing, the PERMA model and thriving actions
  • Understanding how to grow the internal and external resources for wellbeing and thriving actions
  • Understanding the growth mindset and having an “intent” to learn
  • Understanding of the two brain areas, their functions, their triggers, emotional and behavioural responses, and impact of both areas on one’s life
  • Understanding frontal lobe activation as a key process for the growth and expression of wellbeing and thriving actions


  • Skills of mindfulness, value clarification and goal planning
  • Applying the “What, What, How” Strategy under difficult or stressful situations to ground self and to activate the frontal lobe
  • Applying the “What, What, How” Strategy for future planning and goal setting
  • Applying the “What, What, How” across important life domains and decision making points

The material is designed to be delivered through experiential activities over a 6-7 hour block (one-day workshop or multiple sessions).