Further Information

For further information on:

  • Intentional practice
  • Using intentional practice to guide the design and implementation of interventions
  • IMPACT Program
  • The educational and scientific work of the Life Buoyancy Institute
  • Possible collaborations with the Life Buoyancy Institute

Please contact Dr Ivan Raymond at ivan.raymond@lifebuoyancy.org

Specialist programs, services and community development initiatives

LBI Foundation has been established as a not-for-profit agency delivering targeted initiatives, services and programs for communities impacted by trauma, mental illness, disadvantage, social exclusion or disability.

This includes the following programs:

  • Care IMPACT – for children and young people within the care system (foster care, residential care, out-of-home care, correctional care).
  • Resilient IMPACT – for children and young people within the educational system (schools, alternative education sites).

For additional information on the design and implementation of specialist programs (drawing upon intentional practice) for your community, agency or context, please visit www.lbi.org.au or email info@lbi.org.au.