Educational hub providing resources and training on wellbeing, resilience and intentional practice.


LBI has five key services domains.

  1. Training and Coaching – LBI offers the flagship IMPACT Program, which provides accredited training in intentional practice. It offers half-day What-What-How Workshops integrating intentional methods and specialist content areas. Online courses are in development.
  2. Research and Consultancy – LBI seeks research and/or program collaborations with government and non- government agencies focused on strengthening the design and implementation of programs and interventions. LBI produces scientific opinion, reviews and research pieces.
  3. Accreditation – LBI provides accreditation in intentional practice (and intentional trauma-informed practice), as well as Train-The-Trainer and  Clinical Accreditation. LBI is finalising an agency accreditation process in intentional practice.
  4. Resources – LBI is building a free library of Factsheets, videos, tools and resources on wellbeing, resilience, intentional methods, program design and implementation, and supporting/coaching others.
  5. Community Development – LBI has a community development strategy to deliver its vision of individual and ollective thriving. It seeks to empower individuals and local communities and activate networks of knowledge, kills and local resources.

IMPACT Program

IMPACT is the flagship program of LBI. IMPACT stands for Intentional Model and Practice Approach for Clients to Thrive. This three-tier program builds core skills in resilience, wellbeing, intentional practice and coaching or supporting others.

The IMPACT Program provides individuals and agencies an accreditation pathway in intentional trauma-informed practice and intentional practice, and the opportunity to embed key tools and systems (Growth Action Plan) within their agencies.

‘How To’ Services

Collectively, all of LBI’s services focus on the ‘how to’. This includes, but is not limited, to the following:

For individuals, ‘how to’:

  • Grow capacity for wellbeing, resilience and thriving states in self and others.
  • Activate learning, wellbeing and behavioural outcomes through moment-to-moment supporting relationships.
  • Coach, supervise and support others.
  • Implement intentional trauma-informed practice.
  • Respond to the ‘needs’ of clients, and not react to their behaviours.
  • Work with others around a common approach and shared intent.

For agencies, ‘how to’:

  • Design and implement high impact learning, wellbeing and behavioural programs.
  • Embed whole-of-agency therapeutic, trauma-informed or wellbeing programs.
  • Strengthen and integrate existing services around a common approach.
  • Implement intentional trauma-informed practice and reflective practice.
  • Strengthen service outcomes and reduce  risk of unintentional client harm.
  • Collaborate with other agencies around a shared intent.

For institutions, ‘how to’

  • Implement a unifying and cohesive client centred  practice approach and philosophy.
  • Develop a growth focused and cohesive work culture.
  • Professionalise semi-skilled or non-clinical staff.
  • Implement programs, interventions and services  at-scale’, and in a manner tailored to individual need and context.