IMPACT Program

IMPACT stands for Intentional Model and Practice Approach for Clients to Thrive. This three-tier program builds core skills in resilience, wellbeing, intentional practice and coaching or supporting others.

The IMPACT Program provides individuals and agencies an accreditation pathway in intentional trauma-informed practice and intentional practice, and the opportunity to embed key tools and systems (Growth Action Plan) within their agencies.

IMPACT is underpinned by a common framework or mnemonic of ‘What-What-How’ which is represented by three questions:

  • What’s Happening?
  • What’s Important (Intent)?
  • How can we act?

The What-What-How enables intentional practice to be applied to all supporting adult contexts (teaching, parenting, supervision, clinical support, caring), and client needs and presenting behaviours.


The IMPACT Program is comprised of a three-tiered learning scaffold that can be operationalised to any child, youth or adult context.  It offers an adaptable framework in which various strategies, tools and resources are embedded. The core narrative of the program centres on brain development and functioning, specifically the process of “frontal lobe activation”. The three program layers are:

Inclusive and Adaptable

IMPACT is an inclusive and adaptable program where program components can be applied individually, collectively, or embedded as a whole-of-agency approach. IMPACT works side-by-side with existing programs and interventions to increase the probability that safe and high impact wellbeing, resilience, educational or behavioural outcomes will be delivered.


The IMPACT Program is underpinned by a competency framework that details the core learning outcomes of each layer, as well as the supporting Train-The-Trainer and Master Trainer levels. The Advanced Layer brings a focus to the practitioner acquiring the five core skills underpinning growth-focused intentional practice (e.g., mindfulness in practice, under the surface thinking, building block thinking, intentional planning and intentional actions).


Lead Program developer and author of the IMPACT Program is clinical psychologist Dr Ivan Raymond.