Intentional Practitioner (Advanced Applications)

The Advanced IMPACT course brings a focus to the development of the five core skills underpinning growth-focused intentional practice (e.g., mindfulness in practice, under the surface thinking, building block thinking, intentional planning and intentional actions). The two-day workshop is designed for teachers, youth workers, professionals, mentors, case workers, managers or care workers who desire to learn and refine the art of intentional practice, with the view of delivering safe and high impact relationship-based interventions.

The workshop draws upon the foundational concepts within the Respond Rather Than React workshop (Introduction to Intentional Practice), but extends it to the development of individual plans and prescriptive script and strategy articulation.  The modelling and skills taught do not replace other clinical, coaching or counselling scripts and strategies, but instead, they provide a logical organising framework and set of skills to support practitioners reflect upon and strengthen the impact of their practice. Furthermore, over-time, it builds practitioner capacity to bring moment-to-moment awareness of the intent and rationale behind their relationship-based interventions.

Advanced training in Intentional Practice has particular relevance across clinical, coaching and counselling settings where practitioners deliver relationship-based interventions in a highly dynamic (e.g., the client’s presentation and needs are constantly changing) or sometimes unstructured  manner. For example, in settings such as schools, children and youth in the care system, detention centres, or within challenging adult supporting relationships.

Workshop Overview

This experiential and engaging workshop re-activates and then significantly extends the introductory RRTR concepts to advanced applications. Trainees will acquire the confidence and skills to employ intentional communication and processes that responds to the dynamic and changing needs of clients.

Key Workshop Outcomes

Trainees can develop ‘Growth Action Plans’ with growth intent categorised against the building blocks of awareness, skills and mindsets, and activating scripts and strategies sequentially linked to specific growth targets. Trainees can employ the ‘What, What, How’  as an intentional communication framework.

Key Content

  • Mindfulness and mindful intent in practice.
  • The ‘Life Buoyancy Model’, ‘Growth Target’ and ‘Building Block Staircase’ as growth- focused models of intentional practice.
  • The application of the ‘What, What, How’ as a coaching and communication framework.
  • Advanced applications of the ‘Activation Cycle’ across therapeutic and trauma- informed practice settings.
  • The five core skills underpinning intentional practice.
  • Scaffolding client growth through the building blocks of awareness, skills and mindsets.
  • The advanced applications of validation, curiosity and coaching in action. 


Participants are accredited by LBI as ‘Intentional Practitioners’ with access to free member online resources for 12 months.  Yearly accreditation and member access is maintained through an online training course (small annual cost).