Mindfulness and Mindful Intent

Mindfulness is a foundational skill underpinning intentional practice. Mindfulness refers to the moment-to-moment awareness an individual has about their experiences, whatever that experience is. Mindfulness is both a philosophy and a skill (or set of strategies) that brings full and open acceptance of experiences as they arise. Mindfulness may seek to engage all senses, thoughts and emotions. Like any skill, it requires ongoing practice and rehearsal, notably given the busy and information overloaded world we all find ourselves within.

Within intentional practice, supporting adults are encouraged to bring mindful awareness to:

  • The ‘intent’ or purpose of their communication.
  • The learning, change or growth outcomes they are working towards (‘what’).
  • The processes, strategies and actions that are aligned to these outcomes (‘how’).

Children, young people and adults who practice the art of mindfulness not only experience higher levels of wellbeing, they are able to respond (as opposed to react) to life’s stressors with greater level of awareness of what is both important to them and others (e.g., act according to values).