Educational hub providing resources and training on wellbeing, resilience and intentional practice.

Training Programs

LBI seeks to deliver leading edge training and workshops for children, young people and adults. All training and workshops bring focus to mindfulness, intentional processes and clearly identified training outcomes. Currently this includes the following training programs.

IMPACT Program

IMPACT stands for Intentional Model and Practice Approach for Clients to Thrive.  This innovative competency-based program is founded upon a scientifically grounded framework in which various strategies, tools and resources are embedded. IMPACT is an inclusive and adaptable program where program components can be applied individually, collectively, or embedded as a whole-of-agency approach. IMPACT works side-by-side with existing programs and interventions to increase the probability that safe and high impact wellbeing, resilience, educational or behavioural outcomes will be delivered.

The IMPACT Program is comprised of a three-tiered learning scaffold that can be operationalised to any child, youth or adult context.  It offers an adaptable framework in which various strategies, tools and resources are embedded. The core narrative of the program centres on brain development and functioning, specifically the process of “frontal lobe activation”. The three program layers are:

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OK2BME is a body image program for young women, aged 10 to 17 years of age. Young people are provided the foundational knowledge and thinking skills to (1) notice and understand negative thoughts and influences (with reference to their self and body), (2) how to bring positive thoughts to self, and (3) engage in actions and behaviours that bring positive feelings and outcomes.

The program, founded upon an intentional practice method, brings a growth-focus to the following six key skills:

  • Detective thinking (noticing self and images within the media).
  • Noticing thinking traps (bringing awareness to negative thinking patterns).
  • Keeping it real (adopting a realistic goals about self and body).
  • Foundations for flying (the key skills and actions aligned to healthy body image).
  • Helpful self-talk (activating positive and helpful thinking patterns).
  • Self-care (how to look after one’s physical and emotional wellbeing).

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