Educational hub providing resources and training on wellbeing, resilience and intentional practice.

Vision and Method

LBI’s vision is individual and collective thriving within diverse communities, in response to the significant rise in rates of mental illness and psychological problems in Australia and internationally.

LBI is founded upon the premise that this vision can be achieved through acquired knowledge (training), skills and intentional methods.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals, agencies and communities to understand and action this growth process. Our method is that thriving capacity is strengthened when individuals and communities bring high awareness and a growth intent to their life and supporting adults roles, thereby activating positive moment-to-moment impacts for themselves and the people they support.

We see that supporting adult relationships have a foundational role in activating human capacity to thrive. We have a community development strategy to support our vision.

Awareness   –     Growth Intent     –     Impact     –       Thrive